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Sylvain Le Bon writes how open source design is not just a a bunch of nuts in their garage. It is a consistent movement, hitting all domains, and changing the way we work. A lot of questions still need to be answered, but there is no doubt it will impact our society in a long lasting way.
73% of seed crops are now ‘owned’ by 10 corporations – while community and grassroots initiatives are working to keep global diversity alive.
As organisations ranging from city councils to churches withdraw their investments in fossil fuels, Nicola Slawson looks at how a small US student campaign has become a global movement to tackle climate change.
“It is time for a new agricultural model that ensures that enough quality food is produced where it is most needed, that preserves nature and that delivers ecosystem services of local and global relevance”  writes Pablo Tittone – in a word, it is time for agroecology.
Victoria law writes about three projects that show how everyday people can address violence in our own communities by breaking through the silence to interrupt abuse.
In Gaia University we have been consistent in promoting the idea that our intellligences are flexible and growable and working aginst the idea that we have a fixed amount of intelligence or even, a particular 'learning profile'.
Resilience is considered integral to permaculture and Transition. But what does it mean to you?
An interesting article critiquing the People's Climate March and what needs to happen further to achieve climate justice.
Shannan Stoll writes in Yes! Magazine how it's not hard to bring a little more equality into each others' lives.
A blinkered pursuit of profit has wounded Britain’s biggest supermarket group, writes Andrew Simms.