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George Monbiot writes how those in power don’t speak of ‘people’ or ‘killing’ – it helps them do their job. And we are picking up their dehumanising euphemisms.
Children who spend more time in less structured activities are better able to set their own goals and take actions to meet those goals without prodding from adults, according to a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder.
Mark Bittman writes in the New York Times about how we need to end poverty rather than 'feed the world'.
New research on land, oil, bees and climate change points to imminent global food crisis without urgent action.
From kitchens that buy and sell locally grown food, to a waste co-op that will return compost to the land, new enterprises are building an integrated food network in Boston.
Read the article about Gaia U Graduate Kyle Thiermann and his work with Surfing for Change in the Adventure Sports Journal.
This film examines a cooperative of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) in the South of Brazil, which struggled for access to land and then transitioned to ecological agriculture, or agroecology
Sylvain Le Bon writes how open source design is not just a a bunch of nuts in their garage. It is a consistent movement, hitting all domains, and changing the way we work. A lot of questions still need to be answered, but there is no doubt it will impact our society in a long lasting way.
73% of seed crops are now ‘owned’ by 10 corporations – while community and grassroots initiatives are working to keep global diversity alive.