Inspiring Change: Training in Education for Sustainable Development in Germany

Gaia U Associates and ecosocial designers in Europe will benefit from a week-long funded vocational training programme exploring best practices in participatory & green education.

The Inspiring Change Training Programme, taking place 14-21 July 2013 at the Siebden Liebden Ecovillage in Germany, aims to foster participants' knowledge about:

  • Participatory and holistic design of educational programmes including head (theory), hand (practice) and heart (vision, team and group building);
  • Raising ecological awareness, teaching practices for sustainable lifestyles and inspiring behavioural changes of citizens in the EU;
  • Identifying possible projects for change in the students' individual environment.

If you are interested in meeting and working with other people engaged in teaching sustainability then get inspired by a whole week of interactive teaching, hands-on experiences, intercultural exchange, site visits and the experience of visiting and learning in an ecovillage.

Full funding is available for people from 27 EU member states, who can apply for a Grundtvig InService Grant that covers course fees, travel expenses, accommodation and more. The deadline is 16 January 2013.

One of the co-facilitators of the week is Gaia U's very own Valerie Seitz, who acted as Director of Advisory Services for a number of years and still supports many associates as an Advisor on their action learning journeys.

To find out more about the week and how to apply visit: